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About Us

At LAB Visualización, we go beyond the conventional. Our products make us strategic allies of our clients as they are a key part of their corporate positioning, their reputation, and the results they achieve. This makes us a leading visualization and 3D representation studio, both nationally and regionally.

Our theoretical and practical insight into Architectural Visualization and everything related to it, blended with our cutting-edge technologies and tools, create a world of digital expressions.

Our Services

We specialize in creating high quality images of anything that can be represented or imagined. We support our clients so they can achieve their commercial goals, and their brand positioning and standing.

Our services are based on both our insight into digital tools, and architectural visualization and its branches.


Capturing the product’s essence or visualizing what an image will look in reality is possible thanks to a detailed process of modeling, rendering, and digital post-production.

Saving time, having an impact on clients, and offering several representation possibilities are the benefits of our experience with fixed images.



A rendered image is the first step to achieving an excellent outcome.

Thanks to our experience producing visually powerful images, we can obtain excellent results from almost any image.


Currently, any object can be 3D modeled. From general products to the manufacturing process of a toy, the representation possibilities of 3D models are endless.

A 3D digital model can be a tool for any industry.


Virtual views are a new 3D visualization concept based on the technical possibilities of the software. The 360° of a scene can be accurately reproduced from a specific standpoint.

This is undoubtedly an innovative way to attract, project and arouse interest.


The professionalism of our work, based on the concept of real-estate projects, produces results that have an impact on the client.

Innovation in billboards, fences, brochures, and magazines by combining texturing, materials, lighting, and views result in powerful images that sell projects and position brands.



Maximizing an image’s impact means going beyond conventional ideas by creating products that stand out, are different, and attract attention.

3D representation offers a wide variety of possibilities in every industry.



Handling the project’s information: plans, material specifications, reference images, project location, etc.


Producing a virtual tridimensional representation of the project.


Applying lighting systems that simulate the real world.


Incorporating elements that give life to the scenes, i.e., that create a special environment, a sense, a lifestyle.

Final Delivery

The produced images are delivered.
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Over 70 Projects


People who have placed their trust in us

Our clients are prestigious design studios and construction companies from Ecuador, United States, and Switzerland. For this reason, we are prepared to face challenges internationally and also venture into different industries such as advertising and product design.

Our clients are very pleased and satisfied with our work because we know how to listen. We are proactive, overcome technical difficulties, and are careful to meet deadlines.

LAB is a 3D visualization expert studio producing images and visualizations of the highest quality and impact. We blend our knowledge, experience, and skills with the power of cutting-edge technologies and tools.

An Architecture laboratory focused on the development of a new design proposal and aimed at discovering contemporary languages and conceptual explorations.

LAB Design Network arises from alternative ways of doing things in which graphical language is essential for professional communication and business management.

LAB Experimental is our industrial design proposal, which focuses on the exploration of new concepts, ideas, colors, and materials.

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